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Law Students and Bar Applicants

Law Students and Bar Applicants

Effective Representation for Legal Professionals

Like any person accused of a crime, attorneys who face charges can have their entire lives disrupted. However, with lawyers, not only are incarceration and other criminal penalties a possibility, lawyers charged with a crime can be confronted with serious ramifications impacting their license and career. 

An attorney may lose their job, be publicly censured, suspended or disbarred, and potentially never be able to work in law again if they are found guilty of certain types of crimes.

Lawyers convicted of certain “serious crimes’ can be suspended on an interim basis while their case is investigated and prosecuted by the committee. 

Law students and law graduates also face serious consequences from criminal charges and convictions.  The character and fitness committees require disclosure of all criminal charges, regardless of disposition, and they will consider certain types of convictions to be more impactful on a candidate’s character than others.  Proper resolution of any criminal charge to ameliorate its impact on admission is critical.  A criminal charge that is not resolved appropriately can lead to delays due to investigation and or hearings on the issue.   

To ensure that you are protected from the possible life-altering effects of criminal charges, consider the experienced representation of McDonough & McDonough and our legal team. We focus our practice on providing representation to current and future fellow legal professionals. 

Types of Legal Defense Cases Our Law Firm Handles

We offer representation for lawyers and law students who are facing criminal charges. Together with the lawyers of Foley Griffin we provide defenses in a variety of situations. From minor infractions to more serious criminal prosecutions, you can count on us to provide the effective legal defense you need.  We know how to control damaging allocutions and advise you as to which type of convictions are more harmful to your license.  We can therefore lessen the impact of most criminal situations.   

We are available to discuss the details of your specific situation and answer your questions about how we can help you.

Exclusive Experience in the Unique Field of Defending Attorneys Charged With Criminality

Because lawyers are expected to respect the law and can be held responsible for criminal conduct connected to their practice, defending lawyers accused of crimes requires an attorney who understands the unique and intricate issues specific to defending a lawyer while ensuring the least impact upon their license to practice. 

At McDonough & McDonough, we have successfully represented and advised many lawyers facing criminal charges, and together with the lawyers of Foley Griffin have provided the best possible criminal defense while assuring the best outcome for your license, your career and your future.

Chris McDonough, Brian Griffin, and, Thomas Foley
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