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Law school disciplinary matters

Once a student graduates from law school their file is forwarded to every jurisdiction which they apply to for admission. Therefore, what happened in law school and how the matter is resolved will be reviewed again by the committees on character and fitness as part of their overall evaluation of you as an applicant. This means that how the allegations or charges are delt with in law school will impact the way in which the character committees view the applicant.

For example, student A and student B engage in the same misconduct, but student A accepts responsibility while student B denies the conduct but is eventually found responsible. Even though they both engaged in the same misconduct, student B may be evaluated far mor harshly by the committee because in addition to the misconduct the applicant has shown a failure to accept responsibility, misrepresentation, and a level of dishonesty. These are negative traits in a bar applicant, while being honest and accept responsibility for a mistake will usually be looked at more positively by a committee.

Obviously, most situations are not so simplistic. In some cases a strident defense is called for. In other cases and honest acceptance of responsibility and consenting to a disciplinary action, maybe the best way to address the situation. Our lawyers know the difference in approach and will tailor the defense suited not only to the immediate disciplinary situation, but also with the eye towards the eventual evaluation by the committees on character and fitness.

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