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Counseling Suspended Or Disbarred Attorneys To Assist In Reinstatement

Our attorneys frequently provide assistance to attorneys who have previously been suspended from the practice of law. We provide guidance in navigating the reinstatement process in New York. The process of readmission involves the following:

1. Serve the Suspension Period: The Court order of suspension will provide the date that the suspension begins, the length of the suspension, and the earliest date that the attorney can apply for reinstatement. Readmission does not automatically occur on the end of the suspension term.

2. Comply with Court Orders: Upon application to the appropriate Appellate Division, the attorney must demonstrate that he/she has complied with all requirements set forth in the Court’s suspension order.

3. Continuing Legal Education (CLE): The Court will likely order that the attorney seeking reinstatement complete a certain number of CLE hours. The attorney must be able to verify that this was completed and provide proof of completion.


4. Character and Fitness Review: The attorney seeking reinstatement should expect a thorough character and fitness evaluation. It is critical to be honest and transparent about any issues that led to your suspension.

5. Letters of Recommendation: It is very helpful to obtain strong letters of recommendation from colleagues, employers, or other legal professionals who can vouch for your rehabilitation and good character.

6. Appearances before Committees: The attorney applicant should be prepared to appear before the appropriate committees for interviews or hearings. Clearly articulate your remorse, rehabilitation efforts, and commitment to ethical conduct.

7. Demonstrate Rehabilitation: Show evidence of personal growth and rehabilitation since the time of the suspension. This could include community service, counseling, or other activities that reflect positively on your character.

8. Compliance with Ethics Rules: Demonstrate a deep understanding of legal ethics and a commitment to adhering to all rules and regulations governing the legal profession.

9. Legal Fees and Costs: Be prepared to cover any fees associated with the reinstatement process.

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