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Admission applications and character and fitness review

The application process is the first part of admission to our profession. An application that is incomplete, misrepresents, or downplays responsibility, sets an unsuitable tone that will taint the entire admission process. The character and fitness committees recognize that young people, like everyone, make mistakes. Mistakes must be acknowledged and admitted in the process.

Should the character and fitness review reveal that an applicant has failed to reveal a crime, discipline, or other serious mistake, committee will take a negative view of the application. This often results in a significant delay while the committee staff requests additional information and documentation, and conducts an interview. This process can take many additional months, which in turn can affect your ability to accept a job offer or get started on your career. In the case of most serious omissions or misrepresentations, the committee could require a hearing.

It takes an experienced attorney with intimate knowledge of the application and character and fitness process to advise you as to how to address potential issues in your application for admission and during the character and fitness review process.

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