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Character and fitness hearing representation

In those cases where the character and fitness committee determine that there may be a serious issue of omission or misrepresentation, they often appoint members of their committee to hold a hearing to investigate their concerns. The burden of proof is on the applicant to demonstrate that they have the requisite character fitness to be a member of the profession.

The hearing process is complicated and can result in extensive delays in the admission process. Moreover, it can result in a recommendation that the application for admission be denied.

The character and fitness hearing may be the most serious and important component of the application process, due to the fact that so much is in play, and it could result in the rejection of the applicant. This could be for years or be permanent. Because of the significance of the hearing process, it is essential that the applicant have experienced qualified counsel with extensive knowledge of the process and the most effective way of presenting their client as a qualified applicant.

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