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Bar exam cheating and security violations

The bar exam, the New York Law Course, and the New York Law Exam, have extensive rules and regulations regarding the conduct of exam takers. The rules and regulations are repeatedly posted and exam takers are constantly reminded of the necessity to adhere to every such rule and regulations. Failure to do so, will result in a Notice of Charges for security violation from the Board of Law Examiners. Similarly, engaging in cheating during the exams will also result in a Notice of Charges.

A Notice of Charges will result in the grading of your exam being held in abeyance, and requires the submission of a verified answer responding to the charges. The notice could also result in a hearing before the Board. If found guilty of a security violation or cheating, the penalties include notification of the character committees for every jurisdiction you apply to of your misconduct, failing the exam, having to retake the exam or course, or being barred from retaking the course or exam for a number of cycles.

The courses and exams under the jurisdiction of the Board utilize extremely efficient technology to protect the integrity of the courses and exams, as well as trained proctors on site. They can follow your keystrokes while taking an exam and can compare them to the test takers sitting around you, and they can tell if you have sped up or skipped a portion of the New York Law Course.

Here too, the matter in which you address the charges brought by the Board matters. Dishonesty in this process, and failing to accept responsibility for your misconduct, will work against you in the character fitness process, as notification of the charges and disposition will be forwarded by the Board to every jurisdiction you apply to.

If you are facing charges by the Board of Law Examiners, you should have experienced counsel to advise you as the best way to address the charges, to obtain the best result before the Board, and to assure that when the matter is reported to character and fitness, the your mistake is presented and examined in the best light.

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