Criminal Defense of Lawyers & Law Students

Criminal Defense of Lawyers and Law Students in New York

Effective Representation for Legal Professionals

Like any person accused of a crime, attorneys who face charges can have their entire lives disrupted. However, with lawyers, not only are incarceration and other criminal penalties a possibility, lawyers charged with a crime can be confronted with serious ramifications impacting their license and career.

An attorney may lose their job, be publicly censured, suspended or disbarred, and potentially never be able to work in law again if they are found guilty of certain types of crimes.

To ensure that you are protected from the possible life-altering effects of criminal charges, consider the experienced representation of McDonough & McDonough and our legal team. We focus our practice on providing representation to fellow legal professionals.

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Types of Legal Defense Cases Our Law Firm Handles

We offer representation for lawyers and law students who are facing criminal charges. Together with the lawyers of Foley Griffin we provide defenses in a variety of situations. From minor infractions to more serious criminal prosecutions, you can count on us to provide the effective legal defense you need.

We are available to discuss the details of your specific situation and answer your questions about how we can help you.

Exclusive Experience in the Unique Field of Defending Attorneys Charged With Criminality

Because lawyers are expected to respect the law and can be held responsible for criminal conduct is connected to their practice, defending lawyers accused of crimes requires an attorney who understands the unique and intricate issues specific to defending a lawyer from criminal charges while ensuring the least potential impact upon their license to practice.

At McDonough & McDonough, we have successfully represented and advised many lawyers facing criminal charges, and together with the lawyers of Foley Griffin have provided the best possible criminal defense while assuring the best outcome for your license and career.

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Do I Need an State Bar Defense Attorney?

As an attorney or law student, you likely have a deeper understanding of your legal situation than most people who are accused of a crime. However, representing yourself is not the best solution. If you are facing charges, you will not be able to commit the same level of focus to your case as you do to your clients’ cases.

Moreover, it is highly likely that you do not understand the interplay between criminal convictions, the grievance process and your continued ability to practice. Hiring an experienced ethics attorney is a good choice to ensure you receive the level of care that your case needs.

Our State Bar Defense Lawyers Can Help

The legal team of McDonough & McDonough can handle every aspect of your criminal defense case. We will work with you to gather evidence and build a case that counters the claims of the opposition, will negotiate plea agreements if necessary, and will represent you in a trial setting if your case gets to that point.

Alternatively, we can work directly with your criminal defense attorney to assure that any potential resolution does not impact your law license. You can rely on us to provide effective representation and guidance at every step of your case.

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    He offers real-world solutions to real-world problems. Attorney McDonough can be an asset to any individual or any corporation or other business entity when it comes to legal assistance.

    - Michael M., ESQ.

    Chris is extremely knowledgeable. His experience and understanding of both the law and process gave me a great feeling of confidence. I don’t have enough words to thank him for his help and support.

    - Anthony C., ESQ

    He always takes the time to explain things in a manner that is easy to understand. You can rest assured that your case will be handled professionally and with class.

    - Mario D., ESQ.

    He gives 110% in support of his clients’ cause. His work is thorough, well researched, complete and highly professional. He is a man of character and integrity, well respected by his colleagues and always striving for perfection.

    - Joel B., JD

    Today, for the first time in 20 years, and due largely to your efforts, I appeared in Court as a respected member of the Bar.

    - Bill

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